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Testing Services and Diagnosis

Testing will be carried out in accordance with the CIBSE Technical Memorandum TM23:2000 'Testing Buildings for Air Leakage'. This is the standard to which the Building Regulations refer.

To perform the tests we use the fan pressurisation technique that uses large fan(s) to pressurise the building. This fan is connected by flexible ducting to a wooden template, which is temporarily sealed into any convenient external doorway. There's usually no need to remove any fixtures or fittings.

The test is carried out with all external doors, windows and trickle ventilators closed and internal doors wedged open. Any mechanical openings are sealed with polythene sheet and tape. Smoke vents or extract fans are left closed but are not sealed and other integral openings such as lift shafts are left unsealed,(except where entering plant rooms.)

Once the test is complete we will provide a report summarizing the results including photographs.

In addition to these testing services A. T Solutions can provide the following:

  • Air leakage audit (leak tracing using smoke and infrared thermograph)
  • Infrared survey to check insulation integrity and cold bridging
  • Advice on remedial measures in case of test failure