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Through the thorough design detailing, improved specification and expert knowledge provided by A.T Solutions, the construction industry is able to provide higher performance building envelopes that offer significant control of the built environment.

Historically, the air leakage component of ventilation (usually referred to as infiltration) can be significant and we aim to identify ways of reducing such heat loss. Some UK buildings are ventilated purely by infiltration (with no designed ventilation) because it's uncontrollable. This can exceed the fresh air needs of the occupants and result in major heating or cooling demands of the building. The results offer the following benefits:

  • The size of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can be designed and installed with more accuracy as uncontrollable infiltration and extreme weather conditions no longer have such a significant effect.
  • Occupants will no longer be bothered by draughts and other localised discomforts because detailing problems such as poorly sealed windows or leaky roofs are corrected.
  • Ventilation can be accurately controlled once excessive air leakage has been limited. For example, excessive air leakage in a naturally ventilated building will lower the performance of trickle vents. The location of air intake to a building can be corrected, too. And on polluted sites air leakage limitation can prevent an unplanned path for polluted air entering the building.
  • Improve the ability of heating systems to meet comfort levels.

Most occupiers take on the responsibility of managing and maintaining a building for at least 20 years. Just imagine the energy losses if robust designs and installation procedures are not adopted.

A.T Solutions  - the organisation

A.T Solutions- Air Testing Solutions- is a specialist company formed from the joint expertise of a team of industry professional developers and designers, including Professor Phil Jones of Cardiff University. Together they boast a track record in research and pressure testing of some 860,000ft2 of various projects since 1996.


Our equipment can test everything from very large office and warehouse buildings to individual rooms or dwellings. Our main tools are:

  • Portable trailer mounted fans with a maximum air flow rate of 35m3/s
  • Smaller man-handled fans which can be fitted into individual doors
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Smoke generating equipment for detecting leaks