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Global warming. It has been talked about for years but now the UK government is taking urgent action. This is going to affect the entire construction industry. The government’s move dates from a commitment made at the Kyoto climate conference in 1997.

The Kyoto agreement set targets for tackling global warming and called for the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. One of its key demands was that buildings should be designed and constructed to be more energy efficient.

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A.T SOLUTIONS and LPS Construction Ltd

A.T Solutions is currently providing LPS Construction Ltd with a consultancy service...

Part L2 Building Regulations to be updated

Part L2 Building Regulations are to be updated on the 6th of April 2006 by the Office of the Prime Minister (ODPM)....

Edgbaston Case Study

A.T Solutions has carried out a successful consultancy and air leakage testing project in Edgbaston.

Newark Case Study

A.T Solutions carried out a successful Air leakage consultancy service and final Building Regulations Part L2 Air Permeability Test in Newark.

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Recent Case Studies

Case Study: Sunrise Senior Living, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Sunrise Senior Living

Case Study: Newark